Eduard-Steiner-Strasse 7, 8400 Winterthur

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I am away for a few months and would like to sublet my WOKO room. The room itself is very spacious (22m^2) and bright. It's on the ground floor. The room has an individual basin and it's well-furnished with all the necessary electronic devices and furniture. You can use them while I am away. A shared kitchen (9 people use it) and free washing machines exist. WI-FI is free to use as well. The transportation is also very convenient, with the nearest bus stop only 2 minutes away. The room is in a very good location with Coop, Migros and Denner nearby (5 minutes on foot). The city centre with the post office and the main station is only 2 stops away by bus or 12 minutes on foot.

Please write a short introduction about yourself so that I can get to know you better.

Note: You must meet the WOKO criteria to be eligible for the room.