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    • I like that weegee.ch offers free rooms which are lacking on other platforms

    • Great overview and good filters

    • Coming from Ireland it's hard to find a room in a shared flat, but through weegee.ch and your personal help I was able to find one in time

    • I like the place filter :)

    • I have a daughter and a dog. I was happy to be able to filter by 'children allowed' and 'dogs allowed'

    • I like that I can search for all shared flats in one place

Frequently asked questions

    • How does weegee.ch work?

      weegee.ch is an aggregator website. In other words: Weegee.ch joins listings from various shared flat portals in one place. To contact the advertiser, you get redirected to the source platform where you can send your contact request.

    • Can you recommend any best practices for finding a room fast?

      There is more demand than ever for shared flats, especially in the bigger cities. In order to be successful, contact as many places as possible. Rule of thumb is that you need to send out 20 contact requests to be successful.

    • What should I write in my application?

      A little bit about yourself: Where do you currently live? Are you a student or working? Have you already lived in a shared flat? What languages do you speak? But be brief. You'll have a phone call or a visit where you can explain in more depth.

    • I've sent numerous requests but got no answer. What should I do?

      Especially in the bigger cities, the flat owner gets so many requests, they won't answer to all of them. You might have better luck searching outside the bigger cities. Switzerland has a great public transportation system and you get pretty far even within 30 minutes.


»I want to offer Switzerland's shared flat portal with most offers and best search capabilities - by far«

Philipp Keller – Founder, weegee.ch

How weegee.ch was born

In February 2022 I realized that Switzerland lacks a place where all shared flats are listed. For apartments and houses there was Comparis, but for shared flats there was nothing. A weekend of programming later I had a prototype which I showed to my friends. They were excited! That's when I started to take this project seriously.

After I made sure I covered the biggest shared flat sites, I thought: How can I make this even better? Women might want to live in women-only flats. People with pets have a hard time finding a shared flats which allows pets. Reading through hundreds of description can't be the solution.

I started extracting properties out of the description of the listings. Unsure of how reliable this would be, it soon figured out to make the listings a lot more accessible, and users loved it. That's why I believe weegee.ch offers the best shared flat search in Switzerland. And may I dare to say - it could compete quite well internationally.

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