Rosentalstrasse 71, 4058 Basel

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841 CHFper month
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🛋️ We’re offering two spacious rooms (first two photos), with balcony access, in a shared apartment. Enjoy the comfort of a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom, and hallway, along with shared amenities like a tumble dryer, washing machine, kitchen utensils, fridge, vacuum cleaner, and high-speed internet.

🛏️ Looking forward to find someone, who would be willing to take over current furniture, that is a couch, coffee table, TV stand, bed with mattress, bedside table, and a standing lamp for your convenience.

👥 Join a vibrant community with friendly flatmates Asier from Spain 🇪🇸 and Marco from Switzerland 🇨🇭, who are looking forward to welcoming you!

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Contact us now to schedule a viewing. 📞📧 #FlatShare #BadischerBahnhof #CozyLiving 🌟