Raschärenstrasse 30, 7000 Chur

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The room is:
The room (18m^2) is partially divided into 2 parts by a wooden wall. Through the window you have a direct view of the Calanda.
The apartment (6.5 rooms) has a bright living room, a recently renovated kitchen, two bathrooms and a partially covered terrace. Note that the images are outdated as it has been renovated since.
Our cozy, two-storey apartment is located about 2 minutes walk from Chur West train station. The City West shopping center and other shopping facilities are also all in walking distance.
You can also walk to the old town in 15-ish minutes.
In addition to a beautiful modern kitchen, there is also a cellar with laundry room at our disposal which we share with neighbors from another apartment. A parking space is available for an additional charge.

Monthly additional costs amount to approx. 35.

We are looking for:
An open-minded person who is interested in a socially active shared flat, who likes to chat or enjoys living in a community.

We are:

(Name) Maurice
(Age) 26
(Job) Engineer
(Habitat) Can be found in the mountains or fishing at a lake. Preferably both.

(Name) Jan
(Age) 30
(Job) Engineer
(Habitat) Can be found on a climbing wall, occasionally up in the sky paragliding and playing games (No not while flying)

(Name) Eloi
(Age) 26
(Job) Another Engineer
(Habitat) Can be found around a table in front of a board game or arguing with Jan about why. Also enjoys some Hiking and watching rugby

We usually eat together for dinner(for whom is around) during the week, where we take turns cooking(Not organized).