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own washing machine

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The free 11m2 room has daylight and a parquet floor. The shared apartment is on the 2nd floor of an apartment building, which is equipped with an elevator.
The apartment has a living room, a separate kitchen with dining table and a spacious balcony. In addition, the apartment has its own washing machine.
The apartment is within 1 minute walking distance to a Denner, beverage market and an Italian specialty food store. Directly across the street is also the bus stop Grenzhof.
We are looking for a young open-minded person who is neat, easy-going and wants to participate in the WG life. We are very open-minded people who enjoy company but also retreat occasionally.
Your roommates are:

Giusy (23) is a great freelance dancer and, thanks to her Italian roots, also a great cook.
She loves to dance, meet friends in the city for a coffee and in the evenings she likes to relax in front of the TV.

Alexander (26) works passionately in restaurant management and enjoys training in the gym.

You should be communicative and value cleanliness. If possible, we would be happy if you could take on the role of main tenant.

We are both quite busy with work. Nevertheless, we value friendly and clean living together. If it's suitable, we'd like to have dinner together or just chat.

We are looking forward to your message!