86 Dornacherstrasse, 4053 Basel

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800 CHFper month
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> I only respond if you tell me a bit about yourself.

I am currently looking for a new flatmate as the WG is 75 sqm (3 rooms). Your room would be 14 sqm.

Perfect location:
\- 2min from Basel SBB, on a calm and quiet street

The flat:
\- On top of our two rooms there is a large living room, a fully equipped kitchen, a bathroom, a corridor, a storage room and another storage space in the basement.
\- The flat is yet to be furnished. I will take care of this and we can discuss about how to proceed with your room.
\- Pictures don't reflect well how big and bright the place is. I can send a video / show you during a visit! - Starting date: available as of 01.12.23 - some flexibility.

Who am I looking for?
\- A nice person to be around. No pets, no smokers.

Who am I?
\- Arthur, 26 years old and grew up near Basel speaking FR/DE/EN/Schwyzerdütsch
\- Lived in shared flats across different countries for the past 7 years
\- Currently working in finance at Migros
\- Fond of running, wine, books, hikes, board games, and deep (or fun) conversations

Feel free to write a few words about yourself!

Looking forward to speaking with you.