Forelstrasse 44, 3072 Ostermundigen

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671 CHFpro Monat
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5 Wochen
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We (Matthias, Hanna and Laszlo) are looking for a 4th flatmate starting in September. We live in the top floor with a balcony half around the house so we can enjoy the view to all sides. The road in front of our house does not have much traffic and so far above we hardly notice the noise anyway.
Aldi is really nearby, Bus stop Milchstrasse (Bus 28) is just around the corner, otherwise Zollgasse (Bus 10) and Trainstation Ostermundigen are not far either. We will get a new roof and top windows during the summer but that should be done by end of august.
HKB Hochschule der Künste Bern is really nearby. A spot in the garage can likely be arranged.
The price includes water, heating, internet, serafe (tv), insurance, but does not include the energy bill which last time was about 19 chf per person per month.